AMD and Intel Cut Prices

AMD and Intel Cut Prices

AMD and Intel have both announced a wide range of price cuts, which range from 16 to 19%. Although many rumours suggested Intel would slash the price of the 2.2 GHz Pentium 4, no such move was made. This could indicate that Intel are waiting for the AMD XP 2200+ to surface. Once they have an official price (and clock speed) for it then they might move and announce their new price.
The main purpose of such price cuts is to push users to faster chips and to redifine the top and bottom of the processor range.


Intel's largest price cut was on the 1.6 GHz Pentium 4, which had its price drop by 18% to US$133 from US$163. The full list of Intel chip prices is:

P4 1.90GHz from $273 to $241 reduced by 12%
P4 1.80GHz from $225 to $193 reduced by 14%
P4 1.70GHz from $193 to $163 reduced by 16%
P4 1.60GHz from $163 to $133 reduced by 18%

Celeron 1.3GHz from $118 to $103 reduced by 13%
Celeron 1.2GHz from $103 to $89 reduced by 14%
Celeron 1.1GHz from $89 to $79 reduced by 11%
Celeron 1GHz from $74 to $69 reduced by 7%

Xeon 2GHz from $455 to $396 reduced by 13%
Xeon 1.7GHz from $256 to $224 reduced by 13%

PIII-S 1.26GHz/512K .13 micron from $241 to $202 reduced by 16%
PIII-S 1.13GHz/512K .13 micron from $202 to $170 reduced by 16%


AMD announced today that it is spreading its PR rating (i.e. 1800+, 2000+) to mobile processors and introduced the Athlon 4 1500+ chip, the fastest mobile processor with a clock speed of 1.3 GHz. The Athlon 4 1500+ will be priced at US$525.
AMD's price cuts peaked at a drop of 19% on the 1600+ chip which dropped from US$160 to US$130.

The full price list is as follows:

XP 2000+ from $339 to $267
XP 1900+ from $269 to $221
XP 1800+ from $223 to $188
XP 1700+ from $190 to $197
XP 1600+ from $160 to $130

Duron 1.3GHz from $118 to $103
Duron 1.2GHz from $103 to $78
Duron 1.1GHz from $89 to $68
Duron 1.0GHz from $74 to $57

All prices quoted are for orders of 1,000 pieces. Many dealers, depending on their history and on the quantities ordered, may be offered different prices. The prices on the retail market, will almost certainly vary greatly.