AMD destroys its own Cinebench record

AMD has broken its own record in Cinebench 23 and did it in emphatic fashion. Not only does this show how impressive the new Epyc server CPUs are, but it hints at exciting potential for its Zen 3 Threadripper CPUs, as Epyc is much more powerful than even super overclocked Zen 2 Threadripper CPUs, wrecking them at a decidedly low frequency.

AMD has been far ahead of the game in Cinebench records for years, with its higher core count prosumer and server CPUs absolutely dominating Intel to the point where team red is really only competing with itself. Zen 3, first introduced in the Ryzen 5000 CPUs, showed seriously powerful per-core performance in those consumer chips. With new-generation Zen 3 Epyc chips and rumored Threadripper 5000 CPUs, we're set to see absolute monstrous performance.

These Cinebench results are a great early example of that, with the new 64-Epyc Zen 3 chip managing 113,631 points. In comparison, the previous record holder, a Threadripper 3990X, managed just 105,170. That chip has the same 64 cores, and was clocked at a massive 5.225GHz, using liquid nitrogen to achieve such frequencies.

The new Epyc chip was clocked at just 3.6GHz. Although there were two of them.

The previous generation Epyc chips managed just 92,357 points (as per WCCFTech), so a new generation Zen 3 Threadripper processor super clocked to high frequencies is likely to steal this record right back.

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