AMD expands RX line up with 470 and 460 GPUs

AMD expands RX line up with 470 and 460 GPUs

AMD's reveal of the RX 480 showed that while performance was still strong in its new generation of cards, the big focus for the red company was to bring its prices down to something that everyone can afford - making it easier for gamers to get in on virtual reality.

Moving forward AMD is continuing that idea with the reveal of its RX 470 and RX 460 graphics cards at this year's E3 conference.

Both cards use the same Polaris architecture as the more powerful RX 480, but with reduced specifications and clock speeds most likely.

Details on how much memory, bandwidth and throughput remain unannounced so far. We also don't know when either card is going to be release either - though it will be after the June 29 release of the RX 480.

The price tags weren't detailed either, so we're left to speculate. Since the 480 will come in at $200 though we'd guess somewhere around 150 for the 470 and perhaps 120 for the 460.

What could be really interesting with these cards is whether a quick cooler upgrade and an overclock will make them close in performance to the more expensive RX 480. They should be far more efficient and cooler than the previous generation of cards due to the drop to 14nm from the ageing 28nm process, so it's possible.

What do you think of the new card reveals? Can you see these sorts of cards being popular with the low-tech-needs of the world's millions of MOBA players?

Source: WCFFTech