AMD may refresh its 3000-series with 3750X and 3850X CPUs

A rumor out of Chinese Twitter sources suggests that AMD may counter the release of Intel's new 10th-generation Comet Lake CPUs with some small refresh of its Ryzen 3000 CPUs. The rumor claims that AMD will release new versions of its eight-core CPUs, making 3750X and 3850X chips that could conceivably have higher clock speeds and greater overall performance than existing 3700X and 3800X chips.

The original tweet that started this rumor claims that a big day is coming in the middle of June when these chips will be announced. They'd reportedly then go on sale in early July, alongside new B550-series motherboards. We're told that these chips won't be APUs, which suggests they'll offer greater general processing performance.

If true, it might make them the best gaming CPUs AMD has available. Especially if they can push the envelop by a few hundred megahertz on single core boost clocks. Then again, perhaps AMD will look to match Intel's 10-core CPU options with a 10 core option of its own.

Adding fuel to this rumor fire is a Gigabyte slide which highlights that "Matisse refresh" CPUs (Ryzen 3000 refresh) would be supported by existing A320, B450, and X470 motherboards, as well as new-gen X570, B550, and A520 boards.

We don't have anything in the way of hard proof of these chips' existence yet, but it seems quite likely that AMD has a trick up its sleeve now Intel has the mindshare momentum with its new-gen debut.

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