AMD Partners Working on HD 7970 X2

Having received a performance and energy consumption schelacking by Nvidia with the release of its Kepler GPUs, AMD is looking to regain or at the very least, challenge the performance crown.

To that end, it has given the go ahead to its graphics partners to put together a twin GPU high end 7000 series card. It will combine two tahiti GPUs on the same PCB and will be known as the 7970 X2.

This card would technically leave the naming convention open for a 7990 later on if desired, though that projected card was thought to be set for unveiling at Computex and with that event just a few days away, it seems unlikely at this point.

There have been some hints that partner companies have been working on this for a while, with Powercolor releasing an image on its Facebook that looked suspiciously like a twin chipped 79XX card. However for now there have been no official announcements, so for those hoping their favourite GPU manufacture will come back at Nvidia with something strong, for now we'll have to wait and see.

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