AMD RDNA2 big spec leak breaks down next-gen power

AMD RDNA2 big spec leak breaks down next-gen power

Nvidia could have a fight on its hands. AMD's next-generation RNDA2 graphics cards look set to be absolute monster GPUs, if a new leak of the RX 6000-series' specifications proves even remotely accurate. Pulled straight from a firmware update to the Linux Kernel, the raw core counts, clock speeds, memory quantities and bandwidth have all been discovered and reported by Redditor stblr.

The driver specifically mentions the Navi 21 and 22 GPUs, codenamed Sienna Cichlid and Navy Flounder. They will have 80 and 40 compute units a piece. That would give the Navi 22 card the same 2,560 stream processors as the RX 5700 XT, and the Navi 21 a monstrous 5,120 stream processors. That alone would make it nearly twice as fast as its last-generation predecessor, but its clock speed can reportedly hit 2.2GHz, while the Navi 22 card can manage 2.5GHz — a 30 percent uplift over its predecessor.

Combined with an upgrade in IPC, these cards should easily eclipse the RTX 2080 Ti, with the Navi 22 approaching RTX 3080 speeds, and the Navi 21 maybe even chasing the tale of the RTX 3090.

Better yet, these cards have 16GB and 12GB of memory a piece — making them far more suited to 4K than the RTX 3080 with its mere 10GB and though memory bandwidth appears to be down overall, other rumors point to a new caching system which negates the need for faster memory across a wider bus.

The real kicker? These cards do all of that for under 300W, making them more efficient than Nvidia's GPUs too. That could open up more overclocking room, but also help make the cards cheaper, as their coolers won't need to be so hefty.

According to stblr's flair, he's rocking an RX 570. Somebody buy this man a new GPU.