AMD Releases 1.2 GHz Duron

AMD Releases 1.2 GHz Duron

AMD today announced a new desktop processor for the mainstream PC market, the 1.2GHz AMD Duron processor, offering increased performance on digital photo, audio and Internet applications.

â??With the new 1.2GHz AMD Duron processor, customers can configure an AMD Duron processor-based system with low-cost DDR memory at or below the cost of competitive SDRAM systems,â?? said Ed Ellett, vice president of marketing for AMDâ??s Computation Products Group. â??This will enable increased application performance and provide even more momentum to the AMD Duron processorâ??s global success.â??

The Microsoft Windows XP operating system was designed and optimized for x86 processors like the AMD Duron processor. Reportedly, by AMD, a 1.2GHz AMD Duron processor-based system with DDR memory substantially outperforms a 1.2GHz Intel Celeron processor-based system with SDRAM on 3D gaming benchmarks, and also provides up to a 13 percent performance advantage versus a 1.4GHz Pentium 4 processor-based system with SDRAM on office productivity and digital media applications. Such figures though do not necessarily mean that the difference is due to processor efficiency. It is extremely likely that a DDR system will outperform an SDRAM system regardless of processor performance, when processors run at similar clock speeds.

Like all AMD processors, the new 1.2GHz AMD Duron processor supports AMD's Socket A platform. Motherboard solutions featuring DDR memory now enable top-to-bottom PC system price points. For commercial customers, AMDâ??s Socket A infrastructure offers unmatched platform stability.

Systems featuring the 1.2GHz AMD Duron processor are expected to be available by the end of the year through a variety of channels worldwide.

The 1.2GHz AMD Duron processor is priced at $103 in 1,000-unit quantities.

The AMD Duron processor is a derivative of the award-winning AMD Athlonâ?¢ processor and is designed to provide practical performance for everyday computing for business and home users. Employing an innovative design, the AMD Duron processor features a sophisticated cache architecture with 192KB of total on-chip cache, a high-speed 200MHz front-side bus, and a superscalar floating point unit with 3DNow!â?¢ Professional technology, and hardware data pre-fetch.

The AMD Duron processor offers buyers access to technology and performance that stands out among other processors in its class. It reflects AMDâ??s 30 years of design and manufacturing expertise and sales of more than 175 million PC processors. AMD Duron processors are manufactured on AMDâ??s 0.18 micron process technology in Fab 25, Austin, Texas.