AMD Ryzen 3000 Threadripper Coming in 2019

AMD's third generation of consumer-grade Ryzen processors are expected to launch later in 2019, somewhere around mid-summer if AMD CEO Lisa Su is to be believed. It will likely bring increased core counts, boosted clock speeds, and an improvement in instructions per clock too. By all measure they should be the fastest gamer CPUs ever made and be fantastic and multitasking too. But Threadripper, AMD's prosumer and HEDT chip line, will be even more impressive and it's coming this year.

Ryzen 3000 Threadripper CPUs haven't been detailed in any way, but the company's 2019 AMD Client Lineup shows that it's coming towards the end of the year. So far we've seen the 2nd Gen Ryzen mobile, AMD Chromebook, and Athlon mobile CPU releases, with 2nd Gen Ryzen Pro mobile and 3rd Gen Ryzen desktop coming later. Threadripper will appear after that.

Earlier leaked roadmaps suggested we'd be looking at an August to October debut for those chips, and that would sit in line with what we expect to see from the other chip reveals coming this year from AMD.

Threadripper 3000 CPUs are expected to see core counts doubled again, to as many as 64, for 128 simultaneous threads. Clock speeds should also increase, with some postulating that we could see some cores hit 5GHz.

Prices will no doubt be high, but if Threadripper is anything like we expect it to be, it could really eat into Intel's Xeon market share.

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