AMD's Announces 4400 Chip

AMD's Announces 4400 Chip

AMD announced their plans for new chips for the next 2 years. As it is well documented AMD and its arch rival, Intel, usually produce very ambitious roadmaps. It seems that this announcement is no exception.
According to AMD it plans to release a 3400 chip, yes they will stick to that Intel equivalent naming policy, by the fourth quarter of 2002. That processor will be the first release of a 0.13 micron Hammer core, which the company plans to introduce for most of its forthcoming chips. Intel's plans for about the same period, 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2002, call for a 3GHz Pentium 4.
The next impressive moment on AMD'S plans is the release of the 4400 model, in the second half of 2003, which will also be the first processor sporting the 0.10 Hammer core.
As far as Duron?s are concerned AMD has not yet decided on their future but instead chose to say that they will be developed according to market demands.
All told AMD's roadmap looks mighty impressive, and even if some delays do occur the company is bound to continue increasing its share of the processor market.

The full release schedule announced by AMD is:


Q1: 2200 (0.18 Micron Palomino)
Q2: 2400 (0.13 Micron Thoroughbred)
Q3: 2600 (0.13 Micron Thoroughbred)
Q4: 3400 (0.13 Micron Hammer)


1st Half: 4000 (0.13 Micron Hammer)
2nd Half: 4400 (0.10 Micron Hammer)