AOE2 Definitive Edition update to add Battle Royale mode

Age of Empires II Definitive Edition is getting a big anniversary update that makes a number of important changes to the game. It adds new quick play functionality for random maps and empire wars, improves performance and stability, tweaks wall placement to make it easier, and even tweaks the balance and map layout of certain setups.

The big addition though might be a controversial and bizarre one, but the trailer makes it look fun at least: a new Battle Royale mode.

Up to eight players compete on an ever shrinking map and are tasked with taking over respective AI and human camps as they make their way towards the center. You'll get resources for merely owning these camps but with a limited number of buildings and unit options, depending on the camps you take.

It looks fast paced and frenetic and will require serious micro management of your units to pull ahead. Those of you who pride yourself on your eco skills in AOE2, won't find your talents as useful in this game mode, but if you want a way to focus on improving your RTS APM rate, this might be a good way to do it.

Whether you want to play this game mode or not, though multiplayer gamers can now select Prefer Random multiplayer option to push games towards more random options. The scenario editor has also been tweaked to include new triggers and .xs scripting support.

Look out for this new update on Steam and other platforms right now.

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