AquaWords Linguistic Bubbles Launch

AquaWords Linguistic Bubbles Launch

Realore Studios has announced the release of AquaWords, the latest version in its word puzzle game series which has become extremely popular among casual gamers, cross-word lovers and language learners.

In this challenging and highly addictive game you must help Aquatic make up a word from a pile of randomly scattered letter bubbles. Once you linked letters into a word, bubbles burst and you score!
AquaWords lets you visit sunny Hawaii and meet Aquatic who is taking his first steps in learning English. Your objective here is to help your friend make up words by linking randomly piled up letter bubbles. Once you have a word, the bubbles burst and you score.
The more bubbles burst at a time, the higher your score. With three unique game modes, you can enjoy anything from a breathtaking time trial in Time Mode, to an unhurried
intellectual challenge, in Arcade Mode.

AquaWords offers highly addictive gameplay, soothing Hawaiian melodies, excellent graphics and stunning visual effects to attract and entertain word puzzle lovers of
all ages.

Building on the successes of its earlier version, AquaWords offers much requested features while expanding and deepening the gameplay experience. The latest version of AquaWords features:

- Clear and eye-pleasing graphics with amazing environments;
- Time, Arcade and Strategy modes;
- Three difficulty settings;
- Rich built-in dictionary with the add a new word option;
- Funny little Aqua character;
- Highly addictive gameplay;
- Cool Hawaiian music and sound effects;
- Extra bonuses.

AquaWords runs under Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP and costs USD 19.95 (USD).
The registered version of the game features unrestricted gameplay, unlocked high scores table, three unique game modes, free game updates and technical support.

The trial version of AquaWords that hosts all basic functionality can be securely downloaded free of charge by following the download tab above.