Asus and Noctua are making a graphics card cooler together

Asus and Noctua are making a graphics card cooler together

Noctua and Asus may have launched a partnership that will see them co-develop a cooling solution for Asus GPUs. This is the latest in a series of collaborations with various cooling manufacturers, that recently saw Asus partner with EK to develop custom RTX graphics cards with pre-installed EK waterblocks.

Noctua is one of, if not the, most respected CPU air cooler manufacturers. Its products are expensive, but the performance is undeniable. They also have a penchant for a unique brown color scheme which helps them standout from the crowd, even if it isn't always beloved by the gaming and overclocking communities.

A GPU fitted with Noctua fans and heatsinks would likely be an expensive, but performative GPU, so the rumors of the collaboration with Asus are exciting. Neither company have confirmed them, but Asus has been working with other cooling manufacturers in recent months, and there have been a number of strong rumors to suggest the Noctua partnership is in the works.

An Asus RTX 3070 model name showed up in an Asus ECC filing with the name of, "RTX3070-8G-NOCTUA" painting a pretty strong picture of what we can expect from such a card. It seems almost certain that any such solution would be air cooled, though whether it will feature Noctua's typical brown coloring is anyone's guess.

The renders created by fans are a unique look at what the card could look like though. Would you buy such a GPU?

Image source: u/RS-kuuskyt