ASUS Announces First HDMI 1.3a Audio Card

ASUS Announces First HDMI 1.3a Audio Card ASUS Announces First HDMI 1.3a Audio Card

ASUS announced the world's first HDMI 1.3a compliant audio card - the Xonar HDAV1.3.

Capable of outputting uncompressed multichannel high definition audio from Blu-ray movies, the Xonar HDAV 1.3 also enhances video with an onboard Splendid HD processor.

HD Digital Audio & Video with Support for Blu-ray and HDMI 1.3
The Xonar HDAV 1.3 features Protected Audio Playback Systems (PAPS) and full Advanced Access Content System (AACS) certification. Without both of these certifications, typical PCs will need to downsample Blu-ray audio to DVD quality (48K/16bit). By closely working with ArcSoft's Total Media Theater, ASUS' Xonar HDAV1.3 is capable of decoding Blu-ray movies and takes full advantage of lossless digital audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio for professional, high-fidelity sounds at 24bit, 96-192Khz. The PCI Express based Xonar HDAV1.3 is designed from the ground up for next generation home theater PCs (HTPC); and is equipped with the proprietary AV200 audio processor and HDMI1.3a certified Splendid HD video processor - making it capable of delivering the highest quality 7.1 channel 192K linear pulse code modulation (LPCM) audio and high definition video through the HDMI port.

Analog Audio with 120dB Signal-to Noise Ratio
The ASUS Xonar HDAV1.3 also reigns in analog audio quality thanks to a HyperGrounding circuit design. With HyperGrounding, Xonar sound cards further reduce EMI noise inside modern PCs, providing clean 120 dB SNR and peerless 0.0004% low distortion - reaching the pinnacle of audio quality on most PC platforms. Unlike generic audio cards in the market that provide the highest SNR to only the front stereo outputs, the Xonar D2X is able to deliver 120 dB quality audio for all 7.1 channels.

Splendid HD Video Processor Presents True HD video for HTPCs
The Splendid HD Video Processor increases color performance and enhances edges for a more brilliant, crisper high definition image - without impacting the CPU load. Splendid HD not only recovers clarity when viewing lower-resolution content, but also reduces flicker for a more natural, brilliant viewing experience.

High Performance Components & Swappable Operational Amplifiers
At the heart of the Xonar is an ASUS AV200 codec chip, which routes and interprets high quality signals to premium audio components. These high quality materials include oversampling digital to analog converters (Burr-Frown PCM1796, 123 dB SNR), National Semiconductor LM4562 operational amplifiers (opamp), and analog-to-digital (Cirrus Logic CS5381, 120 dB SNR) converter. The Xonar HDAV1.3 is the first in the Xonar family to utilize opamp sockets to allow simple, solder-less modifications for user-customized sound.

DS3D GX2.0 for Rich Gaming Audio
The Xonar HDAV1.3 also comes with the well renowned DS3D GX 2.0, which revives EAX 5.0 and 3D gaming audio in Vista. DS3D GX 2.0 automatically enables the latest EAX and DirectSound HW after installation, with no additional driver patches, game modifications, or OpenAL required. DS3D GX2.0 also extends MMOG EAX to online chat, allowing you to place your voice into the game's environment.

HDAV 1.3 Deluxe - Premium Multi-channel Analog
In addition to the Xonar HDAV 1.3's features, the Xonar HDAV1.3 Deluxe packs the HDAV H6 surround channel expansion card. The HDAV H6 offers 120dB SNR*, ultra-low 0.0004% distortion, and swappable opamps on each channel.