ATI May Gain by NV30 Delay Possibility

According to insider nVidia sources, the conference call which brought the bad news about nVidia's Q2 earnings may have also hinted at more good news for ATI.
The conference call also involved a briefing on nVidia's upcoming nv30 GPU and questions aimed at the company's CEO, focused mainly on the readiness of the new chip. Although Huang , nVidia's CEO, tried to avoid replying, questions became very specific and he did state that the card should make it in time for the holiday season.
The main fear of the people involved in that conference was that the new product may be delayed bringing further misfortune to nVidia shareholders. The CEO's responses did little to ease worries about nv30 but although he did admit some delays were involved, he remained adamant that the company was in the process of wrapping-up the product.

What this news story really means is that if the nVidia leaks are correct, the big winner will be ATI who will get an extended period in which to tout their graphics supremacy with their upcoming Radeon range. If ATI manage this period efficiently they could end up biting a sizeable chunk off from nVidia's high-end market share.

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