ATI X800 XT-PRO Details and Dates

ATI X800 XT-PRO  Details and Dates

As nVidia has announced its new range of cards, based on the NV40 core, ATI is beginning to leak some information about plans for its new R420 core.

According to the latest information the X800 and its relatives will be launched on May 5th during the System Builder Summit. The same information suggests that although ATI has given itself a maximum of a month from announcement to shipment, this time the company might be able to ship a lot faster.

Details of the specifications of the new boards have also begun to surface. Radeon X800 PRO will be clocked at 475 MHz with the memory clocking-in at 900MHz.

The X800 PRO will feature 180 million transistors and the card will have 12 pipelines as expected. The Radeon X800 XT will, obviously, clock higher but the real surprise is that it will feature 16 pipelines.

The X800 PRO should be available in early May while the Radeon X800 XT should appear right after E3 or around mid-to-late May.