Banner Saga 3 hits Kickstarter

Banner Saga 3 hits Kickstarter

Stoic has announced the third game in its acclaimed Banner Saga series, launching it on Kickstarter to try and raise a couple of hundred thousand dollars to help with production costs and to see how much support the game can garner. The original drew close to three quarters of a million, so there is a lot of potential here, but the second game was a much slower started, so it will be interesting to see if support has bled off in recent years.

Banner Saga is a series of games that follows a tribe of Vikings and their giant (Varl) cousins as they try to escape the end of their Nordic world. The very ground splinters under their feet, terrifying monsters and enemies nip at their heels and the infighting that always seems just a breath away is always dogging their slog through the snowy wastelands.

It's a game series that mixes beautiful, hand-drawn visuals, with a haunting soundtrack and deep, tactical and strategic combat.

And now Stoic wants to complete the trilogy, finish the story and stitch the banner so that we know how it all ends. To do that it needs some money though and returning to Kickstarter is Stoic's way of rebuilding a community it feels was somewhat lost during the development of its second game.

Banner Saga 3 has a lot of perks, including buying the original games at a discounted rate, Tshirts, soundtracks, mugs and a bunch of others that you can pay up to a few thousand dollars for.

Will you be supporting Stoic's next gaming project?