Bannerlord now considers terrain for combat maps

Bannerlord now considers terrain for combat maps

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, has made a major change to the way it handles map choice when starting a battle. Now, instead of randomly picking from a pool from that region of the world, it will instead look at the local terrain and try to pick the map closest to that. It will also consider the orientation and placement of opposing armies, so that you'll be placed most accurately to reflect your world-map position at the start of the battle.

This not only improves immersion, but adds to the strategic consideration of when and where to make your stand, or to ambush an enemy.

To achieve this, Taleworlds divided the world into regions, with each region having its own specific maps, rather than basing it all purely on terrain type.

On top of this, the latest update will add a new multiplayer duel system so that you can go toe to toe with a single enemy to see who is the best swordsman, bowman, or any other combination of arms and armament. You'll be able to work your way up the rankings to prove you're the best, and can duel anyone you like to make that happen. You'll be spawned into a neutral hub to start with and can wander around to decide who you want to fight.

There are also new castle scenes and towers to enjoy in the game world, and a new pillaging feature to take advantage of any towns or villages you capture.