Bet On Soldier MiniGame

Bet On Soldier MiniGame

In anticipation of the release of Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport, Digital Jesters are giving everyone the chance to flex their trigger fingers for free. Head to the link, found under the download tab above, for an addictive taster of what it's like to kill for cash.

This quick fire blaster gives players a taster of what it's like coming under fire from mercenaries and huge hulking mechs when every single bullet and rocket costs you money. Spray your lead about too wildly and you'll find yourself out of cash, out of ammo and out of luck in no time.

It's up to you to use your ammo sparingly by taking out the enemy with one shot kills and using the right type of ammo for the job. Why waste a full machine gun clip on a mech when you can blow it to smithereens with one, single, well placed grenade?

Minibetonsoldier is an addictive blast. It captures the spirit of Bet on Soldier Blood Sport with its focus on shooting accuracy and having to manage your money wisely, Says Leo Zullo, Marketing Director, Digital Jesters.

Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport is primed for release this September and is set to change our concept of what a first person shooter should be. It offers the single player an engrossing tale where wars are fought between paid mercenaries and your shooting abilities are rewarded with cold hard cash.

The multi-player game is a totally unique opportunity for fans of both death match style online experiences and team based affairs to join forces and revel in an online FPS experience like no other.