Beyond Good And Evil 2 And I Am Alive Are Still In Production

Earlier this week, Ubisoft detailed its plans for 2010 and they were missing two noticeable items: Beyond Good & Evil 2 and I Am Alive.

French gaming website, Gamekult, managed to contact Ubisoft exec, Geoffroy Sardin and ask him exactly what's happened to the duo.

"Both are still in production," the Ubisoft exec assured them and the games' fans.

Beyond Good And Evil 2 is the sequel the 2003's action adventure which focused on the exploits of Jade, a female investigative reporter and martial artist, to reveal a planet-wide alien conspiracy with the help of several agents and the "IRIS Network" resistance movement.

I Am Alive is an in-development action first-person shooter video game which takes place in post-apocalyptic Chicago after a major-scale earthquake destroys Chicago, while the rest of the world suffers a water crisis.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot confirmed that I Am Alive "is still on the way," and that it "has been totally re-engineered " to use the company's current Splinter Cell engine, which powers the upcoming Splinter Cell: Conviction. The game was first announced in 2008.

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