Bloodbowl 2 Confirmed by Teaser Trailer


The next iteration of Games Workshop's hard hitting, fantasy football title Blood Bowl, has been confirmed by a new teaser trailer that hit the web this morning. While it's all CGI and features no in-game footage, we do get a taste of the title's humor - which is maintained from the original - and a hint of new gameplay features.

The video features both color commentators from the original game, Bob Bifford and Jim Johnson, discussing the game in their own style. However this pair is more important than just the backing noise that they were in first game. According to text below the video, Cyanide has incorporated them in the main single player experience, where they will interview star players, give commentary on actions taken by the player and they'll of course still make snide comments during gameplay too.

Here's hoping it's more varied. The audio in the last game was fine for the first few hours of gameplay, but after that it repeats so much you have to turn it off.

Chances are the game will have a graphical overhaul and here's hoping that all teams are available in the first version of the game and not in three subsequent full-game-expansion-packs.

So how about it Bloodbowl fans? Are you excited for this release, or annoyed that it was less than a year ago that Cyanide released the Chaos edition of the original?