Buy A Game Or A Dreamcast

SEGA bailed out of Dreamcast production in early 2001, in a further effort to get rid of their stock of the console, they have decied to reduce its price.
The remaining Dreamcasts therefore, 270,000 in number, will all be made available to stores this weekend and will sell for $49.95, about the price of any XBox, SONY or Nintendo game. According to Sega spokeswoman Gwen Marker SEGA is expecting to run out of the console by mid-December, if current sales figures remain stable.

After running into financial trouble, SEGA decided to discontinue production of the Dreamcast in favour of producing games for the, until then, rivals Microsoft, SONY and Nintendo. This move produced negative reactions from many loyal SEGA fans, who went as far as accusing SEGA of selling out.

Although information about the pricing of Dreamcast games has not been made available, the console, with a list of 200 games already available and of a few yet to be released, seems like an attractive option.

During such strange times, with game launches competing for coverage with war stories in the news, it may be a good time to take a step back, get a dreamcast and wait the hype out.

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