Call Of Duty Elite Pricing And Details – Is It Worth It?

Call Of Duty Elite Pricing And Details – Is It Worth It?

Activision revealed today the pricing and details of its new Call of Duty Elite subscription service. The annual subscription fee for the new service is $49.99 only, which is less than $4.25 per month, but we are not sure if it is worth it.

The core features of Elite are not that different from the basic features of similar free services such as Valve's Steam and Blizzard's Those features include chat, social networking, skill tracking and clan management.

New features in Elite include a strong Facebook integration that allows players to assemble multiplayer matches with people from their friends list. The service will also be accessible through a mobile app.

The main draw for the new service is free access to new downloadable content on monthly basis. This content will still be available for purchase to non-Elite players.

"Just buying the DLC alone would cost you $60 a year," Activision CEO Eric Hirschberg noted.

Hirschberg's note is true only for players who buy each and every piece of DLC; however, data unveiled by the man himself earlier revealed that the average player spends $16 only on them. Additionally, non-Elite players will also have access to "a lot of" the new social features.

A free one year Elite subscription is included with every copy of the Hardened edition of Modern Warfare 3.