Can UFC 4 make a decent grappling system?

EA has a brand new UFC game that's almost ready for release, and as usual, it's not only improving the visuals, but overhauling various elements of the gameplay in an effort to make it more accessible, more lifelike, and that bit closer to the real thing.

As part of UFC 4's improvements, EA has implemented a new Clinch system based on "RPM Tech" which effectively makes it more of a striking exchange, instead of switching into the grappling system used in previous games. It also uses the same system for takedowns, making them more reactive, and closer to the striking tit for tat approach of older UFC games.

Striking has always been the stronger part of UFC games, and one that is arguably easier to render in a video game, because so much of it is based on speed, sight, and reactions. Grappling, on the other hand, is about feel, and that's far harder to render in a game and make it even close to the real thing. While UFC games of the past have used convoluted systems, UFC 4 will offer a more dynamic ground and pound system, with slips and head movement a part of the striking process. It will also offer a simplified submission system, based on a couple of cat and mouse minigames.

The older submission systems will also be available for those who prefer them, however.

Whether you like the new systems or not, you'll be able to give them a go when UFC Launches on Xbox One and PS4 on August 14.

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