Clever emulator mod turns Mario 64 into a multiplayer game

Have you ever wished for a helping hand in trying to capture the full 120 stars found in Super Mario 64? Ever wanted a bit of PVP action to spice up the final boss fight? Until very recently those were pipe dreams of impossibility, but not anymore. It turns out that with a few modifications, it's possible to turn an emulated version of Super Mario 64 into a multiplayer title for you and a bunch of friends to play around in.

They can even play as different characters from the Mario universe. Each character comes with their own abilities and playstyles too, with some jumping higher and further than others, some possessing new hovering mechanics and more.

All of that enables emergent gameplay within Mario's N64 swan song, like hide and seek, games of chase and tag and even races to see who can collect stars first.

The mod itself is minuscule in size, requiring just a to get a hold of, but installing it does take a few steps, so you probably want to watch this quick tutorial video to help you get started.

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