Cloud Imperium Games still won't say when Squadron 42 will be done

Cloud Imperium Games still won't say when Squadron 42 will be done

Despite a major update post and a lengthy AMA on Reddit, Star Citizen Developer, Cloud Imperium Games, and its founder and head, Chris Roberts, still won't be pinned down for a final release date for the single player portion of the game, known as Squadron 42. It's so far been in development for over eight years, and along with Star Citizen has harvested over $300 million in crowd funding, despite a lack of much real content for gamers to enjoy and even an almost non-existent roadmap.

Which most would expect CIG not to stick to anyway.

This latest update and discussion with fans came after the release of a teaser trailer. Admittedly, it looks great, because if nothing else, CIG has become very good at making its game(s) look great, even if they aren't playable in anything like their promised form just yet.

But this is a teaser for more information, effectively. The Briefing Room is where CIG will begin to brief fans more on the progress of the game.

"I could have stuck to the original, much simpler game that was proposed in 2012, but with the increase in scope for Star Citizen I felt I needed to build a single-player game to rival Star Citizen’s multiplayer ambition. With the amount of love and effort that has been poured into Squadron 42, we aren’t going to release it until it’s fully polished, plays great and packs an emotional wallop."

At least he's aware feature creep has been the game's bane.

Bottom line? It won't be done this year. It'll be "done when it's done," Roberts' said.