Cold Fear Movie Rights Sold

Cold Fear Movie Rights Sold Cold Fear Movie Rights Sold

Darkworks, a French video game developer, announced that it has granted an option for the motion picture rights of its 2005 action-horror title "Cold Fear" to production houses Avatar Films and Sekretagent Productions.

Released in 2005 by Ubisoft Entertainment on X-Box, PlayStation 2 and PC, Cold Fear won critical acclaim from numerous magazines and web-sites but failed to leave a lasting impression as far as sales were concerned. Sales figures passed the 500,000 copies (worldwide) in November 2005. The news that the movie rights were sold to independent companies makes sense and in many ways may carry a positive message for the few fans the game may have spawned as the title has most likely managed to steer clear of the directorial eye of Uwe Boll.

Founded in 1998, Darkworks is known for releasing, Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare with Infogrames in 2001 on Dreamcast, PlayStation and PC (1.4m copies sold worldwide) and is currently working on its third title, an ambitious next-generation action-adventure game.