Dark Reign 2 has shipped !

Dark Reign 2 has shipped!

Dark Reign 2 shipped to stores today. Yes, it's true--starting tomorrow, but more likely over the weekend, you'll be able to grab yourself the hottest RTS game to hit store shelves in a long time.

Find out what the JDA is doing to keep the rioting dissidents known as the Sprawlers from taking over Earth's largest city. Build bases, collect resources, amass an army and wage full-scale war. Run your battles from the traditional RTS view or zoom into the fray using multiple camera perspectives. You're down in the trenches seeing the direct effect of your decision. If a platoon eats it, you'll be there to count the bodies. This is war, up close and personal. Welcome to the battlefield of the future. Welcome to Dark Reign 2.

While you wait to get your hands on a Dark Reign 2 copy, check out our Dark Reign 2 preview.

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