Daylight shows you someone is always watching

Daylight is that first person horror game that makes use of a player held smartphone to give you a hud-less map, as well as other player details, without breaking immersion. It's now got a revised release date too, April 29 and a new creepy trailer to boot.

The trailer mainly focuses on a mashup of game footage, showing some of the game's sinister looking environments, but the part that's likely to send shivers down your spine, is that there's an Alma like girl that never seems to be too far from you. In-fact, as the trailer points out, it seems like she's watching you.

This trailer comes alongside the news that the game has had a slightly delayed release. Instead of debuting on April 8th as planned, it's now set to be released on the 29th.

"Let's not mince words," said the developer. "First news you need to know about Daylight is that we had to delay the release date by several weeks. Here's the thing: the way Daylight is developed is completely different because of its procedural generation. In a lot of ways it really helped the team by streamlining the environment creation, but it's taken extra time to make sure all the scare cues are properly implemented for maximum player effect."

In essence, they're taking longer to make the game scarier - though you have to wonder if that's the kind of thing that should be taking place this late in development.

The big selling point of Daylight, compared to a lot of other horror games though, is that it's procedurally generated, so you'll never play the same game twice and the scares should always be different, at least in theory.

Expect Daylight to land on PC and PS4 at the end of this month, with an average price of $15, though PS Plus subscribers should get a discounted version.

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