Does VR make Grand Theft Auto too real?

Does VR make Grand Theft Auto too real?

No one is ever going to argue that the GTA series is a bunch of nice games where you do nice things to nice people. It's a game series that has you playing a (at best) conflicted person doing bad things to bad and often innocent people. But it's fun. It's a game that is silly enough to get away with the fact that you can mow down hundreds of police and civilians and still get away by just changing the color of your car's paint job.

But all of that is pretty horrific. If it felt more real, would it be hard to stomach? That's what some people have been saying about virtual reality versions of the game. While first person mode initially caused some consternation, the new motion tracked VR version of GTA V is really haunting some.

In-deed the person behind the mod says they aren't really sure how they feel about it.

"I feel horrible about making this. You actually feel guilty. My mouth dropped the first time I shot someone in my GTA: V VR setup."

That's not to say that they are halting development though. Indeed developer Joseph Delgado plans to continue working on it and building a more interactive Grand Theft Auto V. It could well be that although the game isn't built from the ground up for VR, it might end us as one of the more immersive and expansive virtual reality worlds.