DOOM Captchas should replace all CAPTCHAs

Nobody likes CAPTChAs — those annoying little "are you a robot" tests that used to be all about typing in wonky words, and more recently have meant clicking on the cars in increasingly low-resolution pictures. One alternative a developer has created has grabbed the attention of a number of security experts and gamers alike, because it uses DOOM (and Wolfenstein) to create a CAPTCHA that has you shooting enemies in a manner that's human-like. That means well, but not that well.

Developer Miquel Camps Orteza claims that the Captcha as it currently works isn't the most difficult to solve and means that AI could probably work out a way to break it pretty easily, but it's a good barebones idea of how CAPTCHAs don't necessarily need to be mindnumbingly boring, or difficult for humans to complete, either.

We'd rather this one than another funky CAPTCHA Orteza made though. Squat CAPTCHA forces you to do 10 squats to prove you're human. Yuck.

If you want to try the DOOM CAPTCHA out yourself, you can find it on the official Github page.

If you were going to reimagine the CAPTCHA process to prevent robots from taking over all of our online tools and services, what would you like it work like?

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