Doom Eternal puts you in the same boots in a new setting

Although you're still playing the Doom guy in ID Software's newly announced, Doom Eternal, you won't be playing on Mars. It's time to go back to Earth, where more experiments have meant the demons have taken over their too and it's up to you to blast through all of them in your quest to seal the gate to hell and return humanity's homeland to some semblance of normality.

As with Doom 2016, this sequel will continue the fast-paced gameplay with a pumping metal soundtrack and with the previous game's art director acting as general director this time around, it should be prettier and more bombastically gory than ever. We're told that the game will feature demons and enemies that are bigger and tougher than ever before, but that just means there's more meat for you to splatter across Earth's majestic landscapes.

Reportedly the number of enemy types has been almost doubled for this game, which should mean upwards of 30 different demon types to take on.

Teased for the first time at E3, we don't know when Doom Eternal is slated for release, but we'd put out money on a 2019 date of some sort with a gradual amp up of trailers and detail releases in the coming months. It will no doubt be a cross-platform release, as the last one was, with a potential Nintendo Switch release further down the line.

What do you want to see in the next Doom game?

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