Elves Take Over Unreal Engine 3

Elves Take Over Unreal Engine 3 Elves Take Over Unreal Engine 3

Elveon, from 10tacle Studios, was presented, for the first time, to the general public at Games Convention 2005 and will be based on the Unreal Engine 3. The main goals of this fantasy action epic will be impressive graphics and the creation of an immersive atmosphere. The game which will be released for PC and next generation consoles and therefore relies on very promising technology.

For a year know a forty strong team has been working on this action epic game. The game is scheduled for a Summer 2007 release.

Elveon means The Book of Elves and is based on a comprehensive fantasy saga which goes back to the times of the rise of the advanced Elvish civilization. The player becomes an intrinsic part of the story and can develop freely according to his disposition, as the charismatic hero of this epos but allways guiding his own development.