Ex-Xbox Live Enforcer heads to Gears of War developer

The man that has spent the last few years being in charge of Xbox Live's Enforcement Platform, Stephen Toulousse, has announced that he's joined the current developer of the next Gears of War game, Black Tusk Studios, as its director of community engagement. He described the opportunity as a once in a lifetime chance for him, since Gears of War is the one game he's continued to play cooperatively with a friend of his through each generation of the game.

"Gears of War is the only title I have played every release through in coop, with my friend Mark. We'll put off playing the game until we can set aside a week to play it together. I've played multiplayer, and done the entire 50 waves of Horde mode for charity with my friend," he said, via TotalXbox.

"So when the outstanding team at Black Tusk asked me to help them make the best Gears of War experience to date by representing the community and being their advocate, how could I say no?"

His plan he says, is to make it so that the game is as fun to play years from now as it is at the launch, with a robust community. That's probably going to be dependent on the developers of the game more than the community manager, but it's a nice sentiment at least.

Do you guys feel as if the Gears of War franchise is still an exciting property or is it a bit old hat at this point?

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