Fable TLC On PC XBox This Fall

Fable TLC On PC XBox This Fall Fable TLC On PC XBox This Fall

Microsoft Game Studios has confirmed that Fable: The Lost Chapters, currently in development for Windows and slated to release this September, will also be available in late Autumn for Xbox. Fable: The Lost Chapters builds upon the original Fable game with new content including new regions, quests and story elements that further enhance the mystical world of Albion. Fable: The Lost Chapters gives players the chance to fight new monsters, use spells to obliterate huge numbers of enemies, don new armour, wield additional weapons and interact with friends and foes using new expressions.

The original Fable has sold more than 1.5 million copies and is highly acclaimed, earning numerous awards such as Game of the Year and RPG of the Year. Fable: The Lost Chapters is being developed by Lionhead Studios and will also surface as a Classic (budget) title for Xbox soon.

In this groundbreaking role-playing adventure game from Lionhead Studios, every action determines a character's skills, appearance and morality. A character's life story is created from childhood through adulthood and on to old age. One can grow from an inexperienced child into the most powerful being in the world, spoken of by all and immortalized in legend. As additional story and side quests await, so too does the path of righteousness, as well as the life of evil. With every choice, a character transforms into a reflection of his actions and decisions. Age leaves characters wizened and battle leaves characters scarred in the world of Fable: The Lost Chapters.