FlatOut 1 And 2 Coming to US

FlatOut 1 And 2 Coming to US FlatOut 1 And 2 Coming to US

Just as Vivendi is about to bring, the long delayed, FlatOut to U.S. retail shelves this month, the company has also secured the rights for the sequel; FlatOut 2, due out in 2006.

FlatOut is scheduled to hit North American retail shelves this month, and will become available for PlayStation 2, Xbox and the PC.

Vivendi Universal Games (VU Games) and Empire Interactive also announced an exclusive agreement by which VU Games will market and distribute in North America, Empire's multi-platform destructive racing game FlatOut 2.

FlatOut 2, one of Empire's key frontline titles, builds on the success of the first installment, also distributed in North America by VU Games. Developed by the award-winning Finnish developer Bugbear Entertainment, FlatOut 2 is an over-the-top racing game where players experience the drive of their lives as they race around fully destructible environments in one of 16 fully customizable and upgradeable cars. FlatOut 2 is expected to launch in 2006 on PS 2, Xbox and PC.

If you have never heard of the game try the FlatOut PC Demo.