Folding@Home Gamers are twice as fast as the top SuperComputer

Gamers around the world who are leveraging their high-end PCs CPUs and GPUs to help fight the Coronavirus using Folding@Home simulations, are now performing so well, that their combined performance is greater than the world's leading supercomputer. So much so in fact, that they've eclipsed a 100 percent increase over that monstrous machine.

Folding@Home has always been a popular, if niche way to spend your extra CPU and GPU cycles. It's a project that simulates protein folding to help solve the puzzle of tackling some of the world's most dastardly diseases and illnesses. Where it was helping cure aids and cancer before, though, now Folding@Home is almost exclusively focused on tackling the Coronavirus, and gamers around the world are stepping up.

Just a few days ago, Folding@Home hit an unprecedented 470 petaflops of total computing power. That's more than twice the peak performance of the world's fastest supercomputer, effectively making the Folding@Home project not only the most powerful distributed computing platform ever made, but the most powerful supercomputing platform too.

When you consider that the other top 10 super computers in the world can barely output a combined 350 peta flops between them, that shows just how exceedingly powerful this network of home PCs is.

Want to help out yourself and push the project to new heights? Head to the official Folding@Home website to learn more.

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