Fortnite Rick and Morty crossover finally adds Morty

It's a lot of fun cosplaying as Rick Sanchez in Fortnite, but a Ricky and Morty crossover isn't exactly complete without his punchbag sidekick. Fortunately, Epic and the animation studio behind the hit show have now followed through with the implied promise when this crossover was initially announced. Morty is coming to the game; here's how you can get him and all his related accessories.

It's not quite ready yet, but dataminers have, as always, got ahead of the game and have confirmed that Morty will shortly join the battle, in limp-legged mech form. It's not one of the various mech or Gundan-style suites that Morty has worn throughout the show's history, but it gives him some serious fire and punching power, all the same.

Joining Morty in Fortnite will be a new Get Schwifty emote, harkening back to the classic giant heads episode and Morty himself will have his own Meeseeks cube back bling item, so there may be more that you can pick up once he becomes available.

There's no official release date for the Morty Skin just yet, but with Season 7 coming to a close in a few weeks time, it seems likely that his skin and some related items will join the item shop in very short order. Watch this space.

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