GameCube Gets MAX Drive

Datel has completed its console support with the addition of the GameCube version of its MAX Drive product. MAX Drive is a USB memory management system until now only available for PS2 and Xbox.

Even though GameCube doesn't have a USB port, Datel has managed to overcome the problem by creating a GameCube memory card with a USB port. So, by using this unique memory card in conjunction with the PC software and USB cable included in the pack, MAX Drive for GameCube can do pretty much anything its PS2 cousin can. The card itself holds up to 64 Megabits of game save and/or Action Replay code data, plus of course the real beauty of MAX Drive is that it allows you to store data on your PC. Not only that, you can even send game saves and codes to your friends via e-mail.
It's dream come true for Pokemon fans - you can now exchange your most thoroughbred GameCube Pokemon with fellow Pokenuts the world over!

For those of you who really like to get under their GameCube's skin Datel are also producing a special edition of MAX Drive for GameCube called MAX Drive Pro. This is a hardcore home brewers only device, which does away with the code and game save features of the regular edition in favour of a configuration that allows executable files to be transferred from PC to GameCube. GameCube home brewers will soon be wondering how they coped without it.

Both version of MAX Drive for GameCube will ship before the end of June. MAX rive is also available for both PS2 and Xbox. If you are interested in buying a unit follow the Download tab above.

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