Games Done Quick beats Super Meat Boy speedrun time

Although Speedrunners will take on all comers when it comes to beating games as fast as possible, there are some games which lend themselves to that style of play much more than others. One such game is Super Meat Boy, which as a fast paced platformer has had many people attempt to complete it in the fastest time. That means shaving any time off of it at this point is rather impressive.

That's exactly what happened this weekend though. During the Awesome Games Done Quick 2017 charity drive, which saw thousands gather on and off line to beat various game's speedruns, Super Meatboy's any% run was completed and a new world record set, with the gamer in question beating the game in just 17:42.

That's two seconds faster than the previous record.

Considering how perfect a run needs to be to achieve such a time, and how difficult the game can be in places - thanks random number generator - it really is rather amazing to see how fast someone is able to make it through.

They even died once, so there is some potential for improvement there, but you have to play so perfectly at such a high pace, it's hard to imagine it happening. We're sure someone will do it before long though,.

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