Gearbox President: Borderlands PC Graphics 'Destroys' Console Counterparts

Until now, PC versions of cross-platform titles matched the graphics quality of their console counterparts. Borderlands, it seems, will be the first game to break this spell.

"The PC version destroys all the console versions in terms of the image fidelity - assuming you have the hardware for it," Gearbox president Randy Pitchford.

Pitchford believes that this makes the decision of buying whic version of the game a tough one. "It's tough. It's very tough, I'll tell ya. On one level I do like sitting on my couch with the surround sound and the wireless controller, on the other level I mean you will not get a better-looking image than in the PC version of the game."

But then, "when you're playing a first-person shooter, the mouse and keyboard interface is still the best way to go," Pitchford concluded.

Borderlands will be released for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on October 20, 2009.

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