Goat Simulator has a release date

Whenever I read a story about this 'game' I keep waiting to look down at the clock on my screen and realize it's April 1st, laugh good naturedly and get back to work, but it never happens. Goat Simulator is the deal deal and it's now got a real release date. Expect to get playing around as your very own Billy Goat Gruff on...

April 1st.

If you've not heard of Goat Simulator before, you'd be forgiven for missing one of the many thousands of yearly internet love affairs, even if this one does contain goats. It's essentially a small, sandbox game that has you running, jumping, butting and now licking items, people and random objects as a goat. It might sound pretty redundant and it is, but that doesn't mean it isn't incredibly fun.

A lot of the joy of this game comes from its Physics system, which not only flips the goat's poor body around in horrible Lovecraftian ways, but also the people and objects it interacts with.

As it stands, the game is set for release with Steam Workshop support, meaning players will be able to add their own levels, missions and content. There will be no multiplayer support and it's not currently being expanded beyond the basic sandbox level.

There also won't be MAC or Linux support.

[Thanks EG]

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