Google expands Chromebook range with new, powerful Pixelbook

Google is looking to offer increased competition for more premium laptops with its Chromebook range, with the introduction of a new Pixelbook. It's the thinnest notebook Google has ever released and it comes packing some pretty high-end hardware, so could give the likes of Microsoft's Surface range a run for its money.

The Google Pixelbook comes with a 12.3 inch touchscreen display that runs at a resolution of 2,400 x 1,600 pixels. It's not detachable, but is attached to a 360 degree rotating hinge, so you can fold it flat, put it in a tent configuration or use it as a standard laptop.

The base version will set you back $1,000 and comes with a Core i5 CPU from Intel's 7th generation, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of eMMC storage. Options to improve that include expanding the RAM to 16GB, upgrading to a Core i7 CPU and expanding the storage to 256GB of SSD storage, or up to 512GB of NvMe SSD storage.

You have to pay quite a premium for those additions though. It's a couple hundred bucks just for the mid-range storage option and the top version will add another $700 to the bill. Still, if you want the most power in a small package you get what you pay for.

As Hexus points out, if you really want to go to town you can spend another $100 on a Google Pixelbook Pen, which is said to be lag free and capable of supporting as many as 2,000 different kinds of pressure, letting you really customize how you interact through the stylus-like device.

Battery life in every version is said to be around 10 hours and you can quick-charge it to get a couple of hours of usage form just a fifteen-minute charge.

You can buy the laptop straight from Google's store now, but does it interest you?

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