Grab a free game with Sega's 60 year anniversary

Grab a free game with Sega's 60 year anniversary

Sega is 60 years old this year and to celebrate, it's giving away free games from its extensive back catalogue of classics. Sonic 2 is available for free on Steam right now and if you grab it, it's yours to keep forever. Next week a bunch of Amplitude games will be available for free, then it's Two Point Hospital, and a bunch more to follow for the next eight weeks, culminating in the original Sonic The Hedgehog, because why not finish with a classic?

That's not all. Sega is also discounting many of its games throughout this whole period, as well as many of its published games. Want to play Total War: Warhammer II? It's now 66 percent off for the next few weeks. Sonic Mania? Grab it for 75 percent off. Dawn of War 3? It's less than $5.

There are tens of other games besides that are also heavily discounted for the coming weeks, giving you plenty to enjoy if you like a classic Sega game, or one of its many published success stories.

Sega games are also getting 60th anniversary items and additions. That includes new maps, game modes, accessories, and unlocks, most with a retro theme. They are set to be released on Steam over the coming weeks.

Perhaps most exciting, though, is Sega is releasing a bunch of canned projects as short demos or one shot games. They include an attempt at a Golden Axe reboot, and a Streets of Rage inspired Yakuza beat'em up. They'll only be available for a day or two though, so keep your eye on Steam in the next few weeks.