GTA 6 not likely launching until 2026

GTA 6 not likely launching until 2026

It's been close to a decade since the release of the last Grand Theft Auto game, with its online mode continuing to see investment and updates from Rockstar as one of the biggest gaming cash cows ever bred. You might not be surprised to learn that it's working on a sequel, that should be bigger, better, and more beautiful than ever before, but it won't be coming out for a long time yet. GTA 6 is still so early in development, it may not release until some time in 2025. That might be a whole other console generation away.

Rockstar hasn't released any kind of information about this game, or even announced that it's in the works — as likely as that is. However, there are a number of leaks now coming out about the game's earliest developments, and the latest rumor suggests that Rockstar isn't planning to debut it for many years to come. Early speculation pegged 2023, or 2024 as a potential release date for the game, but now there are new claims that it won't become widely available until 2025.

A big part of this is reportedly because of the bad press Rockstar received for its heavy crunch on past GTA V releases, so is looking to stretch out development to avoid that next time around. That also gives it all the time it needs to launch the game with all features — where GTA V debuted without online heists available.

GTA 6 is expected to be set in a modern day setting, which gives Rockstar as much freedom as it wants for DLCs — something that wouldn't necessarily be possible with a locked in era in the past. GTA Online will be a major focus again, and Rockstar is said to be working on a plan for an ever evolving game world in a similar manner to Fortnite.

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