GTA V is now free on Epic Games store

Epic has been giving away free games on its Store for a while now, but none quite so prestigious as the one it's been teasing recently. Locked away in a vault is a titan of the game's industry. One of the best selling games ever and one that continues to be popular today, despite it being almost seven years since it originally debuted. That's right, Epic Games Store is giving away GTA V for free, to anyone who wants it.

Originally intended as an announcement today, May 14, a tweet was released early and subsequently deleted — but you know the internet. Someone caught it, saved it, and now we know exactly what Epic has planned for its vault locked game later today.

This is one of Epic's biggest free game releases, even if it isn't exactly brand new. GTA V will be available to anyone who signs up to the Epic Game store (also for free), as long as you have two factor authentication enabled. That's hardly a big ask, though.

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