H-L 2 Delayed but do Valve Know?

H-L 2 Delayed but do Valve Know?

As we reported yesterday, VU Games released information claiming Half-Life 2 would be delayed until the holiday season. The latest information from Valve however, raises some doubt as to the accuracy of that information and once again, casts dark clouds over the quality of the partnership between developers and publishers.

In an email message, apparently sent from Valve's Gabe Newell to a member of Shacknews, the simple First time I've heard about this reply, has created a great deal of noise. You can just about make the message and Gabe's address in the image to the right but if you need further proof you can view the full image by following the screens tab above.

It is too early to speculate on what lies behind the whole mix-up, especially since none of the concerned parties have issued an official response. It is widely believed however, that Valve are in total control of the game and that it is totally up to them to decide when the game will ship. In such a case it is probably wiser to trust their information rather than that coming from other sources.

So what could have caused the delay information leaked to the press? There are two possibilities, one that VU Games actually did release such information and another that they didn't. If VU Games have released the delay info, then it must be some marketing choice which Valve do not agree with. If they haven't then it could be some malicious rumour spread in order to damage Valve's image, in which case it is extremely strange that VU Games have not already issued an official denial.

The more cynical among you may claim that this whole story may be a publicity stunt aimed to hype the game even further and to stress the recently announced delay on Doom 3, a rival title, but that would just be unethical wouldn't it?