Halo Infinite campaign coop coming in August

A new roadmap for Halo Infinite has been revealed and it finally pins down the much-requested cooperative campaign mode to August this year. It'll be late August, and the reveal does paint is a "target," rather than a definitive release, so it may well drift a little, but at least we have it in writing now so it seems more likely than ever that it won't be too much longer before it's released.

Halo Infinite has seen several big delays over its lifecycle. Originally intended as a big release game for the Xbox Series S/X, it was pushed back, eventually releasing in 2021. The cooperative mode in the campaign was a notably absence, though would have delayed the game even more if the released was held for it. Now though, with the latest roadmap the feature is clearly on its way, with a planned August release.

Coming before then though, there is a new Catalyst Arena, and BTB Breaker map, a pair of new game modes, naimyl King of the Hill, and Last Spartan Standing. Narrative events, called Interference and Alpha pack will come in May and July, respectively, and there are will be new battle pass unlocks, and a new fracture coming in May.

After all of that, the coop campaign should arrive. It'll be followed by a campaign mission replay function, also in August, and a new Forge Open Beta is slated for a September release, alongside heaps of new quality of life improvements.

Beyond that, the developers promise even more in Season 3, starting in November, including a whole new Battle Pass, more new events, sandbox items, game modes, and maps. Campaign split screen coop will come further down the line as part of that release, with no clear timing for it just yet.

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