Halo Wars and SoulCalibur 2 are now playable on the Xbox One

Halo Wars and SoulCalibur 2 are now playable on the Xbox One

It took a while for this generation of consoles to start doing backwards compatibility right, but it's finally getting there. The latest addition to the classic gaming line up on the Xbox One, is Halo Wars and SoulCalibur 2, bringing some retro RTS and brawling action to the Microsoft console.

Also of note is the addition of King of Fighters '98, but that series isn't quite such a draw in Western markets as the aforementioned two, even if Halo Wars never quire garnered the traction it probably would have liked.

These new games will join a host of other older titles which Microsoft has made backwards compatible on the contemporary system in the past few months. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was recently brought over, as were Assassin's Creed (the original), Dark Souls and GRID 2, all of which have been quite well received.

There are still more requests from fans of the the system though, who want to see titles like Skyrim and Splinter Cell: Blacklist added to the platform.

Are there any particular games you'd like to see Microsoft add to the Xbox One's backwards compatibility list?