Halo Wars Designer Claims Better Than PC Controls

Halo Wars Designer Claims Better Than PC Controls

Until now, no console Real Time Strategy ever managed to match the precise and intuitive Keyboard + Mouse controls that the PC enjoys; but this might change with the release of halo Wars.

In a recent interview, Halo Wars lead designer, Graeme Devine, claimed that the game's Xbox 360 gamepad controls are better than the usual Keyboard + Mouse combo.

"It's a brash thing to say," he admitted. "But I wouldn't say it if I didn't believe it."

"We spent the first year of this project just working on the controls. Without the controls working it's pointless even doing the game."

"We actually took Age of Mythology and we set ourselves a target. One of our testers, who's a hardcore RTS PC guy came over and told us that it's easier to play with the controller than it is with a mouse and keyboard. "

"At that point, we gave ourselves the green light. It took about 12 months of playing with the controller to hit that milestone so at that point I felt it was ready. I've seen enough people converted to be pretty confident about it."