Here are all the PS5 specs we know so far

Sony has revealed the major specifications of its next-generation PlayStation console and it's rather impressive. Most interesting though, is that it's quite distinct from the Xbox Series X. While both systems will have dedicated SSDs baked in to their design, and next-generation AMD CPUs and GPUs under the hood, they have very different hardware makeups that should make for an intriguing new generation of consoles.

The PlayStation 5 will sport an NVMe SSD that can read at up to 5.5Gbps, making its storage significantly faster than not only last-generation consoles and most PCs, but even the Xbox Series X, which will only be able to read data at 3.5Gbps.

The new Xbox will have a more capable GPU, however. The PS5's RDNA 2 AMD graphics chip will have 46 compute units and run at 2.23GHz, giving it a performance of around 10.3 TFLOPs. That's excellent, but falls behind the Xbox Series X GPU's 52 Compute Unit system which should be able to handle more than 12 TFLOPs at a time.

The CPU in the PS5 will also be an eight core, AMD Zen 2 chip, running at 3.5GHz. That will also be slower than the Xbox Series X, which will run at 3.8GHz on all cores, or up to 3.66GHz when hyerperthreading is enabled.

This could mean that we see faster paced games on the PS5, with Sony able to leverage the power of its super speedy SSD for quicker load times and game asset pop in. But the new Xbox may have slightly higher frame rates or be able to offer more visual details in games.

If you had to pick one system on the specs alone, what has you most interested?

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